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7/28 Offshore

With the 10kt West wind, the trip out was into 2ft or less chop. Water was clean and flying fish started showing up around 50 ft. Schools of bonito were boiling every so often, saw a couple of king mackerel "sky" as well.

Stopped about 20 NM out, about 3/4 mile from a public number (found this spot while re-rigging/drifting one windy day and saw it on the sonar.) Anchored up and my wife and I caught 21 reds. Pulled anchor and drifted over area and caught 3 more. Released all but 7, the one pictured below was the biggest, and was my personal best grouper. All caught on live pins

While we were out the winds died down and it was hard not to head farther west, but we had more than enough fish in the box and were happy to head home.

Trolled East for a few miles with a cedar plug and a small jet, but no takers.

We moved down here from Georgia in June, and I can't tell you how happy we are to be here. Days like this are exactly why I am here.

Tight Lines


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