Cruising offshore, early in the morning, as the sun’s powerful rays begin to burn off the fog, the anticipation builds to an almost indescribable feeling. The smells and sounds of the sea can touch you deep within your soul, as you head out into the vast blue water to do battle with the great creatures of myth, the beasts that envelope your mind and steel away every other thought. It’s easy to see why this incredible experience, can captivates us so, invading our dreams, ruling our lives, and affecting our hearts in such a way. This my friends, is what life is all about, what we were put on this earth to do, to experience and enjoy the magnificence of the outdoors. This greatest of all sports is the essence of passion, obsession, and salvation. For it is here that our minds can clear, and we can forget about the cares of every day life. It is here that we can get back to the raw unadulterated savageness that is nature, and take something from it that few could relate to. We can lose ourselves and find ourselves as we experience this great gift, this magical experience, this life long pursuit of sport fishing. Good Luck!!

Catchem up!!!!!
Bravo Whiskey
1997 Key Largo 201
99 honda 130
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