7/29/13 PBI report

No picture worth posting but at least its a report.
Hit the inlet at 8am and trolled north to Jupiter inlet with a small artificial squid bait at +500ft back and blue/white islander bally at prop wash with no strike until we got to miss Jenny. 2 bonita on the long line in for bait and started our drifted in 120ft. Every sardine on flat line and 2oz sinker got striked with minutes, all bonita or very large runner. Saw a few +150lb shark swimming so we decided to have fun and pulled the tiagra 50 out. Got a hookup with bonita chunck within a minute and 20 minutes later released a nice +150lb bull. Buddy wanted a shot so we reset and he get 0/6 at first as he is use to Redfish up north and never caught anything bigger than 20lbs. The 7th was a +300lb hammer with a tag that didn't want our chunk bait. Ridged a whole bonita head was the trick. 45 minutes later we saw the shark and the line snapped.
spend the next 1 hour high speed wahoo trolling with the 48oz Banchee lure from Jupiter to PBI from 1000-400ft with no luck. I'm 0-4 with this lure but several members here have had great success.
Will try to get my friend on a shark again tomorrow.
No dinner but a great day as the morning was rough seas but after 12-noon it was flat.


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