Slayin & Spearfishing Dolphin - Boynton Beach 7-28-13 (Vid and Pics)

Took my kids along with my friend Dan and his two kids out for a day on the water. It was the first time he and his kids have been offshore before so I was in charge of putting them on some nice fish.

The ocean was flat so I was able to load up on small pilchards along the beach. We proceed to head offshore where we could see every rip. (Love it that way). We start trolling some skirted ballyhoo in 1300-1400ft and watched as those storms started brewing back on land. After a bit we hooked up with our first fish. My initial reaction is to get a few livies out behind the boat with another line or 2.

Dan keeps the cow on the trolling rod while I hook another nice fish with the spinner. Brought the cow in and as Dan messed a nice bull on the spinner rod while I grabber my spear and hopped in the water.

My kids kept the school happy by tossing them a healthy diet of pilchards. Unfortunately I missed my first two shots on the bulls (pretty embarrassing) in the school but hit a nice cow on the 3rd shot. I was super happy to have hit this one as it's the first dolphin of this size I've speared.

Next time I'll be a little more patient with the big boys and should make out a little better.

In the end is was a great day on the water with friends and family. We ended up with 6 nice fish and avoided the rain.


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