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Estero Bay - 7/8

To make me feel better about the water quality, I thought I would post a photo of some reds that were caught in Estero Bay in early July, before we were impacted by the water releases from Lake O.

It was nearing the bottom of the low tide, I was drifting the flats when I saw what I thought was just an oyster bar peeking out from the falling tide (it was a long way away). Upon further inspection, the disturbed water was moving, so I trolled over to get a better look and it was a school of fish....I positioned myself in front of them and waited for them to arrive...they did and I threw a skitterwalk to them...boom....fish on! I still didn't know what they were, but as the rest of the school swam by I could see they were reds. Landed him and could see another school behind them. Waited for them to swim by and picked off another. Once they got passed me they spread out on the flat...

Anyway...to better days with cleaner water..
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