New Kamado Grill. What accessories do I need?

Our gas grill died and we decided to buy the Classic Kamado grill from Costco since it's on sale for $400.

Since this style is new to me, what accessories should I purchase to go with it?

From what I have read, and electric charcoal starter is a must have.

What about a stone? Mitts? Rake? Woodchips? Cookbooks?

There seem to be a lot of accessories and I would prefer to start with just the essentials and go from there.

Any advice is appreciated.



  • gerrysgerrys Posts: 738 Officer
    Lump charcoal, rib racks, some applewood, cherry and mesquite blocks (not chips), couple of grates, rake for sure, drip tray. I've used a mapp gas torch, electric starter and those little wax impregnated squares - and I end up going back to the squares every time. Remote meat thermometer is a must to allow you to monitor the meat temp without having to dump the heat each time. Long handled utensils help.
  • gerrysgerrys Posts: 738 Officer
    Here's a good site to give you some ideas:
  • That's what she saidThat's what she said Posts: 749 Officer
    Thanks for the tips! Remote meat thermometer looks about 60? Reviews vary. Is there one you have been happy with?
  • lakemanlakeman Posts: 753 Officer
    You need two thermometers, one for the meat and one for the grill. I think they see a Maverickz????? that has two built into it.
  • Bruce FBruce F Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    One esential item you should have is a heat deflecting stone for indirect cooking and smoking. Big Green Egg calls it a "platesetter". Not sure if there is one for that grill.
  • aqua-holicaqua-holic Tampa,FLPosts: 219 Deckhand
    Got the Primo XL and a couple things I feel are must haves are , deflector stones for indirect cooking ( drip racks are needed for these ), Instant read therm ( got mine for $20 on ebay) , billy bar to clean the grates and a bottle of MAPP gas with trigger handle to light the lump. You should get about 150 to 200 lights off a bottle. Mines been going for 1.5 yrs and still has gas. When using it make sure to light 1-3 spots depending on the temp you're going for and put the head of the nozzle under a couple of the lumps or sparks can fly.
    Finally u can get youre lump from walmart royal oak is good and cheap $6
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