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I have a huge drum-style charcoal grill that I really love. But it is a little bit of a hassle for me when I am alone. For just 1 steak, I have a tendency to waste charcoal...or if I try not to waste it, I end up with not enough and the steak does not sear properly.

I have had a Weber "Lil Smokey" (3 of them actually) but I do not like that the charcoal grate is too low and cannot be adjusted. Since I cook HOT a lot more than I do at lower temps, I raised the grate with firebrick and this worked fine.....but food like chicken was a big PIA, since it needs a slower fire and longer time.

So I was thinking about a hibachi. I found one in Amazon, the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ and it looks perfect. Has 2 cooking grates that can be independently raised/lowered to 3 different levels above the coals. Also has a lid, which is a good thing.

My question is if there is anything I am overlooking, before purchasing something like this. Am I missing something that would make a hibachi otherwise impractical for me? Thanks.
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