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Mayaka River/776

I have an opportunity to rent a home on the Mayaka River near 776 for the month of October. Considering this area because the owner allows pets. While I have lots of knowledge of the Englewood, Stumps Pass area and visit there several times a year, I can not find a place to stay that allows pets. A couple of questions please:
Is there a speed limit or no wake zone from this area to Charlotte Harbor (Devil Fish Key, Bull Bay, etc) area.
How is the fishing in this part of the river, near 776? Snook, reds, trout?
From 775 bridge how long by water to Turtle Bay, Bull Bay area?
Any information about fishing, boating in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • mr300smr300s Posts: 282 Officer
    There is no speed limit heading towards the Harbor. It is real good fishing right by the bridge there a lot of big snook at night. Right now there is a ton of fresh water in the Upper Harbor and rivers and the bait is scare and the water black. You will want to head toward turtle and bull bay from there. Its not a bad run maybe twenty minutes or so, also the lower artificial reef there is pretty good...There is a pretty good launch right in El Jobean a little steep but good...
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  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,228 Captain
    If you're in Charlotte county there, then you're not in a no wake zone... (which I think you're good to go there), but if you head North towards North Port then you enter Sarasota County and it's all a no wake zone.
    Like said above though it's not a long ride to the Placida area. Water might still be brown though.
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  • Real VReal V Posts: 465 Officer
    You got mail. That time of year is good for snook at the bridge, but for trout and reds you will have to run about 13 miles down the west wall. It is about 18 miles to turtle bay. Stop in and get some advice from Capt.Teds about running the tip of Cape Haze.
  • skeeterlagoonlostskeeterlagoonlost Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Thanks for all the info. I just returned from a week in Englewood and know how dark the water is, hopefully it will clear some by October. My preference would be to stay in Englewood, but I am having a problem finding a place that will allow pets. So my search for a vacation place is somewhat limited with that requirement and directs me to new fishing areas. I have fished Bulls Bay and that part of the harbor, just dont know much about the Mayaka River area. Lauching at Placid and keeping the boat out of the water is an option, although when you are waterfront the convience of having the boat there and just going is nice. Thanks again to all.....
  • Real VReal V Posts: 465 Officer
    There is a place right on Charlotte harbor called Banana Bay Waterfront inn they accept pets. They have a dock also.
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