Flyfishing Belize...

Icecat21Icecat21 Posts: 634 Officer
My wife booked us on a cruise for mid-November that will be stopping for a day in Belize City.
I have been dying to head over to the Bahamas to do some flyfishing, but Belize is supposed to be even better.
I am planning to make the most of it and hire a guide and see if I can add a couple of bones or permit to the trip.

Anyone have any experience/tips/tricks/advice?



  • Al_hmsAl_hms Posts: 200 Officer
    Don't know how many guides there will be, but bring your own fly rod would be a good start. Plenty of grass flats off most of the cayes and mangroves in the lagoon, you could try off of Caye Caulker (I see lots of bones running around there when I make it down there) and head in for food and Belikin when you want.
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