Big Bend Scalloping From Yak

IMD1IMD1 Posts: 113 Officer
Ok, I have searched the forums before just posting this, but still didn't get much info. I am thinking of making a trip to the big bend area to try and get some scallops and of course do some fishing. I have a pro angler and willing to travel a few miles if necessary to get to the scalloping spots, but I'm a first timer when it comes to scalloping. I've stayed in and fished Horseshoe Beach a few times before, but never for this purpose. Any local folks to that area have suggestions on places to launch and or scallop or is this just wishful thinking? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:huh


  • IMD1IMD1 Posts: 113 Officer
    No one....really?
  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,702 Captain
    Hagen's cove. North of Steinhatchee, towards Keaton Beach
  • jawrayjawray Posts: 290 Deckhand
    Second on Hagens cove or Rocky creek south of steinhatchee.
  • PCFisherPCFisher Posts: 269 Officer
    Or come up a little further north to Cape San Blas, I'll be there Sun with my kayaks.
  • IMD1IMD1 Posts: 113 Officer
    Thanks. Someone I spoke to yesterday said Keaton Beach also. Sounds like the Hagens or Keaton Beach it is. I may get to borrow a boat instead, but if that falls through then the yak it is. I plan to go the 16th thru the 20th of Aug.
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