Need a mate/guide recommendation in Bimini 7/26 and/or 7/27

jkujawajkujawa Posts: 22 Greenhorn
Hi All,

I am taking a big group (extended family) over to Bimini next week. I'll have kids aged 3-16 (9 total) and about as many adults. We will want to get out fishing, snorkeling, etc.

I am looking for someone who knows the area WELL, who is already over there, who can get on the boat in the morning, help run the cockpit if we troll for an hour or two, point me to the best snorkel spot, help me set up on a bottom fishing location, do 'mate stuff' for the kids (bait hooks, tie rigs, etc) and just generally help me show the kids a good time. It could be a full day, or just a morning trolling run and an afternoon snorkel trip with lunch at the hotel (Sands) in the middle.

Does anyone have a recommendation for such a person? Boat is a 63' Bertram and it's not about meat, but rather helping the kids make memories with their cousins that will last a lifetime. 'Kid friendly' is a must. :)

Any help is appreciated!


  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    I have a native mate I use over here. Very quiet and polite. They have the lid slammed down on American charters right now and he needs some work. I know others with other specialties here as well. Drop me message if you need details/ contact info as well.
  • jkujawajkujawa Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Hello Paul,

    Thank you very much! I will PM you. I just got through the last dozen or so pages of your 'diary' on the other thread. Very good read until the last two pages. :( Sorry to hear about your hardships. I hope it is resolved soon.
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    John, have a good friend who is a conch/lobster diver there who hangs with us frequently, my boys 13/16!love him. He would be another great option. Leroy, everyone knows him, his cell 242-473-0124. Tell him Doug on Double D referred you
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