Gagged! + AJ's and RG

Fished somewhere around 60M out of New Pass today on a Gag specific trip. Plan was to fish a handful of ledges in the 26.** line. All bait caught the night before died, so we got out pretty late, after refilling the well with big baits. Caught a limit of Gags and even 2 Reds. All fish were in the 30 inch & + range. Fishing was slow but consistent until the AJ's showed up and seemed to follow us everywhere. Released a dozen or so AJ's. Lost some monster gags to the ledges today. 65/60 was just a little too light.

I also thought Penn Carnages were not suppose to break? I stuck my rod in the holder to drop a Jig down real quick. Sure enough, it gets eaten seconds later. Angle was a little high as I did not want to take it out of the holder until I got 4-5 cranks on the fish, since we were on big gags. This is the 2nd Carnage we broke. I just called Penn, and with pics, email and $20, they are sending me a new one. I'm a little displeased with the short 1-yr warranty. I have a dozen 1/2 star rods, many a decade old and still under warranty.
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