Sutherland Bayou info

I just got my parts for my boat, so its ready to go! I was looking at the Sutherland Bayou area on google maps and it looks great, also it is right by honeymoon island. I was just wondering a few things, where is the best place to launch there? And is it worth fishing in Sutherland or should i just head straight out to Honeymoon?


  • aqua-holicaqua-holic Tampa,FLPosts: 220 Deckhand
    U can lauch right from the bayou. From alt 19 go about a mile south past alderman rd and on the right youll see the sign. It only gets real skinny in one 50 yrd stretch at low tide , right at the end of the bayou. Other then that no issues , first time out wait for another boat and follow out.
    That whole area is good for fishing, reds and snook galore.

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  • Moken10Moken10 Posts: 292 Deckhand
    Great place to fish, I fish there all the time. Definitely follow someone out and stay in between the markers. It gets real shallow so be real careful venturing out unless your on a high tide..
  • ragincajun7ragincajun7 Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice! Do yall just drift the flats for whit bait and pin fish?
  • Moken10Moken10 Posts: 292 Deckhand
    I fish from a kayak so if I net bait it's on the shoreline... Pins everywhere on those flats.. Just drift and you will see them flashing, throw net.. Repeat
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