Been a while - Sarasota Area Wading Report

Summary of my snook honey hole so far this summer..... Seeing ALOT of fish, not the usual size from the past years (fishing here pretty regularly for past 3 years), however, numbers. Tonight I slipped out with forum member Fatsnook. We entered the water around 430, only to be greeting with a good thunder boomer. We took shelter in the sticks, waited 10 minutes and the storm passed over. Bait everywhere, just a lack of predators. End result was not too bad, just not as good as I had anticipated. 6 snook, 2 going over 28", 1 fat bluefish, 1 flounder, and a few trout. Tonight (I try to keep records) was my 75th snook on artificial this year at this particular location (76th according to record keeping).

Fatsnook Jeff's estimated 28"+


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