FLASH ... Help needed inside ... London Broil Q

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I just bought 4 5# boneless top round for $2.39/lb and want to try one in the smoker as a London Broil affair ... never done it.

How To? Rub, temps and use foil? I'm ready to tear into one. I have a nice slicer and can cut it paper thin if needed too.

I found an old post of yours from SMF:
London Broil is great in the smoker. As Piney stated, do NOT over do it though. I did my first one in Mojo and wife and I loved it.
I did not do it with this one, but remember to cut 45º across the grain and make sure you cut thin slices.
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    Sorry I missed this. As stated, just don't over do it. 135 o 140º IT. You can do a quick sear on a hot grill, then to smoker. I usually marinated them in Mojo Crillio, then applied a good rub. I use Jeff's off Smokingmeatforum. Slice thin and across grain.

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