Come On Out for an Outta Control Florida Sportsman Trip!!!

You've been asking for a forum gathering, well here it is! Florida Sportsman Forum & Outta Control Fishing Fleet have partnered up to bring us 2, yes 2 heavily discounted trips!

There will be 2 trips to accommodate as many anglers as possible since each trip will only have 14 anglers plus crew.

First trip will be 7/30-8/1 & the second will be 8/2-8/4. These will be 48hr trips leaving the dock in Dania Beach at 4pm & returning 2 days later. The boat will head South off Miami & the Upper Keys in search of grouper, big mutton & mangrove snapper. This will be an anchor trip for the most part. The boat will stop en route to fill the two large live wells. There's also the chance of ending up on the Islamorada Hump for some jigging action. Then work our way back to the North. :fishing

This trip has been heavily discounted for the members here at Florida Sportsman only. If you are not a member all you need to do is create an account & log in.

Cost will be $300 (normally $425) & will include bait, all meals, snacks & drinks. Beer is not part of the cost but you can bring or purchase some on the boat. Please limit coolers to 50qt or less.

In order to reserve your spot you will need to call Outta Control, give them your screen name, a $100 deposit, then return here & post your spot #. Bunks are all the same size & cold, they will be secured once on the boat.

The spots are as follows: A-H across the stern with A being in the starboard corner & H in the port corner. Then spots 1,2 & 3 are up the starboard behind A & 21, 22 & 23 are up the port side behind H.

You can start booking as early as tomorrow morning after 9am.

Please keep in mind the mates & cook work for tips.

Florida Sportsman will be sending some one covering the trip!

"This is a great opportunity to get a chance to meet other Florida Sportsman Forum Members, and catch some nice fish while you're doing it," said Blair Wickstrom, Publisher of Florida Sportsman.

Here is a recent 48hr trip Wahoodlum & I did.


If you have any questions you can post them here, IM me or contact Jess at the boat. Don't wait spots will go fast!


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