Some sunday drama

Capt.AWCapt.AW Posts: 936 Officer
Interesting day so far...had a mediocre charter, busted my trolling motor, and got rained on twice by swift moving storms that didn't show up on my xm weather. After getting off the water I met up with my better half and her cousin for lunch. While eating, I decided that I should finish up the day at the store since there's no telling how much the repair will cost for the trolling motor.

With about an hour left at the store one of my buddies run in and says "there's someone going through my truck." I come out of the door and was met halfway to the truck by one of "Fort Pierce's finest" swearing he didn't take anything. Of course I didn't believe him and had to investigate for myself. Much to my dismay he was telling the truth, and nothing was out of place. Only because he was caught before he could get anywhere on the inside. He was adamantly pleading "I wasn't trying to steal anything I was just looking for money!" "I thought there was someone in the truck"...****!!! You had the driver side door open and you thought there was someone in the truck..**** really!! Between him reeking of booze and nothing missing we exchanged some words and sent him packing.

Moral of the story is lock your doors! My driver side rear door lock malfunctions occasionally and won't lock with the key fob. I got lazy and didn't check it because it was raining when I pulled into the parking lot.


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