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Tampa Bay area Flats Tournement ????

It has been a while since I have been on here, but was wandering are there any decent flats slam tourny's around the Tampa area? If not is there any interests in a monthly one? Not sure how many of you remember the ones that Capt. Clay did a few years ago. They were a blast to fish and met alot of great people.

My wife and I have been thinking of putting together a deal similar to the old Flats series once a month with a decent prize package, and a overall year end series winner. We have been in contact with several potential sponsors for products giveaway, and special prizes for big fish. We have a few ideas to make the series fun, as we are looking at utilizing much of the new technology available to keep participants updated on who has caught what throughout the day.

We have been looking at a once a year deal, but thought the once a month series would be more fun.
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