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CR-6/28 Getting wet

Left the dock @5:45am for a couple hours of topwater. Tide was high incoming with overcast skies..liking it so far. Tried Salt river, since I had'nt been there for a while. There was alot of grass, spoiling probably 1/3-1/2 of the retrieves, but it was workable. Large disturbance in some Sargasm had me thinking Snook. Threw my Badonk a donk over there and it was crushed by the biggest Red I've caught since they were runningast fall. It took a little while to get him in and the rain was sneaking up behind me. As you can see by the pic, I was getting slammed and it got worse shortly after. I was already wet, so might as well keep fishing. Next was a 27" Snook on a Skitterwalk also over Sargasm near a bar. I had put my phone in a dry place by then. Finished off with another over slot Red and headed home with a smile about 8:30.


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