In case you didn't know, there's 90 octane Rec fuel at the Marathon gas station on Santa Barbara Blvd near Cape Coral High School. Price today was $4.39


  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,855 Captain
    Good price
  • kymasabekymasabe Posts: 111 Officer
    Doesn't help the guys with boats on lifts but...I trailer mine and when I'm heading to Bokeelia, I'll swing into Pineland and fuel up, costs alot more there. THe Marathon is cheapest non-ethanol I've been able to find.
  • jkilday4jkilday4 Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Found same for $4.43 last week at Marathon at Del Prado and Diplomat.

    Other than marinas it seems not many stations have it down there! And with all the boats down there you'd think stations would be trying to pull boaters in left and right. I live in NE Tn w relatively few boats and have at least three sources within ten mins of the house go figure
  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,067 Officer
    I'd spend 100.00 more to fill my tank....that;s not worth the savings in gas mileage I'll use the crummy e-10 ( 3.39 ) with star tron
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
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