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Day to relax 6-27-13

Started the day about 7am at Sand Key in Clearwater. Was wanting to surf fish on the beach side but signs said that was a no go. Went to the other side and fished the causeway area. First time in this area and first time trying the causeway. Didn’t do much, just a couple of catfish. Decided to take a break and relax at the beach for awhile as I figured out my next move. Decided to give a try on the headboats out of that area. Never tried the ones in Clearwater before because I always viewed them as a touristy thing. Sure was right. Decided on the half day with the double eagle. I really liked the boat. Nice inside seating, it was like a movie theater. And the seating in the fishing area left a lot of room behind you for the mates to travel back and forth. But the fishing was actually worse than I expected. First it took an hour and 15 minutes to get to the first stop. So double that for the roundtrip time. Moved around about 3 times, so maybe another 20 minutes. Now subtract that time from a 4 hour trip. Not much fishing time at all, which would explain the total catch of 8 grunts and one sea bass for 3 people, all for $57.00 each. Ok, so lesson learned. Hubbards or 2 Georges.


  • Secret Squirrel 007Secret Squirrel 007 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Sorry to hear that but lesson learned. We used to fish thier all day boat and did rally well. Not sure if that captain is still there but he was a petty young guy.
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