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Big Game Fishing Just Got a Lot Lighter.
In addition to the Quick-Shift™ 2-speed system, the Squall Lever Drag offers great fish fighting features. The lightweight graphite frame and sideplates house tough, machined stainless steel main and pinion gears that are drilled out for weight reduction. Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth cranking power and the Dura Drag system eliminates hesitation and surging under extreme drag settings.

The spool is made from forged and machined aluminum with the added touch of Line Capacity Rings to keep the angler in the know at a glance on how much line remains on the spool. The double dog ratchet anti reverse eliminates back-play in the handle and is twice as strong as a typical single dog system.

Offered in three sizes - 16, 30 wide and 50 wide with retail price points at $250, $300 and $350. Available September, 2013.
Watch the video here:


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    Looks like a beast of a reel. Is the 16 castable?
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    Looks like a beast of a reel. Is the 16 castable?

    Yes it is somewhat castable for lobbing large baits, etc, but is not really configured for it [not a topless frame].
    In the same line capacity and drag range as the SQL16VS, the Baja Special 113HN [star drag] and Torque TRQ40NLD2 [2-speed lever drag] are both topless and highly castable.
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