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Quick Review of Last Few Months-Grand slam/Slams/Gators and More!

Haven't posted in a while. Took a bunch of trips with Capt Pants and his son Nich and friend Susana, I got Nich his first slam and Jimmy and Susana their first ones too! I also got Josh his first slam and personal best snook and biggest fish in his life and Bernie his biggest snook and first tarpon. We also got a Grand slam!! Our first!
Its been a great spring and summer so far, I have found a bunch of new mid bay spots searching with Bernie-I'm sure it's old hat to a lot of you guys but I never fished Weedon until this yr-No boat, lol.
By fishing with Bernie and Jimmy, I have learned the art of cut bait and white bait, also something I haven't used in over 15 yrs. Jimmy(capt Pants) gave me some pointers on tarpon fishing and I used them to score Bernie and I both Poons at the Skyway!So its been a lot of fun learning new things after fishing arti's exclusively for so many yrs. No one never knows everything and can always pick up new ideas and tricks-Even me, lol.

I haven't abandoned my lures and have picked up a bunch of new favorites-Unfair lures is one of my hard body lure top picks now and Logic Lures has proven to be a welcome addition to my scented soft plastic arsenal!
I found a few custom lure makers on FB and they are turning out some killer product-Convincing Custom Lures makes super sick soft plastics and Capt'n Catch'm makes a switch lure that is a really cool concept-check them both out on FB if you want to see some nice lures that work! for bulk soft plastics you cant go wrong with Lockett lures-quality lures at a great price!
And as you see in all my pics I'm still rocking the Breathe Like A Fish Gear- I don't fish without it-Keeps me cool and protected!!
Enough of the commercial break-back to the report-
Most fish have come on a incoming tide with the cooler water the last month or so. The water in the shallows has been in the lower 90's. Tons of really big snook are all over the mangroves and the beaches and I am still seeing a lot of very nice over slot redfish. Oddly enough, the trout have been the hard ones to get. Still picking some quality fish on my trips, but nothing like the winter or even last summer. The tarpon Bite was silly at the bridge-I don't know the beach game very well so I cant help anyone there. On the other hand I am open to any and all advice.
The snook and reds we have been getting are deep in the bushes- way back in the shade. It's a hard way to fish them and you will lose a lot of gear-but its the most productive way to get bites at 2pm in the afternoon in june, lol. I will add more in a bit-Loading pics
Slam With Capt Pants son Nich-
Nich is a great fisherman for his age and can hang with the big dogs! I really enjoyed getting him his slam too.

Pants and Susana-Slams and such-
Susana did great on all our trips and I cant wait to get back out with her again soon too! Finally getting to fish with Jimmy was really nice- He has been there as a friend for a long time before we even met in person. He also showed me the ropes on bridge fishing for tarpon- the crash course worked!! Thanks for the great times on the kenner!

Me, Bernie, Josh, Randy, Kris, Emily, Justin, Joe, and Perry-All kinds of fish!
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