1999 Yamaha 60 hp worth the work?

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Have the motor on a boat right now, appears to run, but the steering portion is rusted beyond movement. Not the steering system on the boat but the pin/pivot point of the motor. I believe at one time there was a grease fitting that has since disappeared, so the salt and all got in and the rust is poring out. I have removed the motor from the boat and started the process, but have to remove the shift rod that runs through that pivot point and that is not going to be easy, then comes trying to get the nuts off that are pretty much corroded beyond recognition.

My Girlfriends dad died, the boat and motor was his. He had not used it in 5 years and basically gave it to a "friend" who was allowed to use it anytime he wanted. Apparently even though the guy is a boat builder he does not understand the importance of general maintenance and cleaning, but it is possible this motor was in bad shape to start with. Needless to say we have wound up with the boat and would like to get it to a usable state.
I am quite mechanical and not afraid to tackle anything, but is it even worth putting the time and effort into this motor? The tilt and trim system works strong but, the motor portion is rusted really bad and I fear that will go out shortly as well. Just that steering tube is $300, maybe I can get lucky and clean this one up but I doubt it.

IF anyone is looking for a lower unit or a power head for this motor let me know as parting it out is a possible option depending on what we decide to do.

Thank you for any in put.
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