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Im heading to sanibel for vacation next week and had planned to fish ding but I just read where wildlife drive is closed for the summer months. This will be my first trip down there, is there any where else to launch a kayak or wade into ding?


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    Maybe others will chime in and give more or better info. I'll tell you what I know. There is a small locals only parking lot at dixie beach that is at the bay side entrance of Tarpon bay and ladyfinger lake which is supposed to be good fishing. Someone could drop you off. You could also launch at Tarpon bay for a price. Fishing used to be great there before the red tide but I haven't fished there for a while. It's not ding, but you can put in at Bowmans beach (real nice ramp) and fish clam bayou. Go early, it gets hot back there. Most of the fish are around the culvert at san-cap rd and docks.

    Best bet would be Tarpon Bay and hope they haven't hired eco freaks to work this summer. One year I got the we hate fishermen crew but other years I'd get "nice red". They sell shrimp there also.

    You can also put-in at the causeway. I like the north side of the B span. It's an easy paddle to some trout and redfish mangrove islands.
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