Horrible procrastinator/need charter helpand boat rental advice for Marathon

Well I'm being a horrible dad and waiting this late to secure a charter. I am wanting to take my 10 yr old offshore for the first time. July 12 or 13. While I'm at it, any help on a boat rental for a day to take the lil ones out for the day. Again, I have procrastinated, and would appreciate anyone bailing me out here. Thanks


  • fyoungfyoung Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Just got home from a week in Marathon. Took my 18' seachaser and hired Capt Dallas Tisdale to show me what was going on so as to save me several days trying to figure it out..... Nice... he did a great job. Not too expensive and knows where and what you need. I've been going to the keys fishing since 1970 and have always tried to hire a guide the 1st day. It works for me. good luck
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