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In need of some advice!!

I cannot seem to catch anything in the CR area. I am pretty new to saltwater, but always seem to catch fish when I go elsewhere. I just have zero luck in CR. Everywhere I expect for there to be fish...nothin! I have thrown everything I can think of throwing at them, still nothing. Some one please take me to school! I know there are fish in this area, I have seen some great pics. I just need some basics I can build on for this area. Types of structure/ veg to look for, how the fish relate to it, lure or color suggestions, any tid bit you can offer will help because i do not seem to be doing anything right. Thanks, oh and if it helps to know, I fish from a kayak/canoe and only use artificial, I hate dealing with bait, nothing at all against it...I just prefer not to mess with it. Thanks again

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