Trip 6/20/13 Offshore With young lady in the miltary first time offshore for her.

Had the privilege of fishing with Brooke and her dad Keith she just finished basic and is going to her first posting..We wanted to get an early start target grouper. At the boat by 6am Tight loops boat would be our ship for this trip. I put in the numbers on his GPS for our first stop. As we were at his boat we could see and hear the thunder and lightning in the gulf in the south west the exact direction we were heading. My hopes it would be heading away from us WRONG!! As we were heading out the front was moving closer I decided to detour the Edison drop a line and see what the weather was going to give us. Drift was really fast because of the wind six to 8oz to even get close to the bottom Brooke in no time was pulling fish over the gunnels including a stone crab.Wind waves, dark, clouds Brooke never flinched. We could see a slight clearing in the clouds so we made the run it was a wet one to be sure.
Arrived at the first number dropped in our lines still 3 to 4s drift was fast porgys,grunts,lanes and red shorts were caught. seas were laying down a little I put in another and made a move. Here are some images.
Brooke gets hammered on a white jig head Tight Loops put on for her then rushes to help her. It was fun to watch.
26 Inch red fire truck.:USA

I got lucky also Brooke and I posing
Brooke and Dad with his catch.

Started to hear thunder and more weather moving in on us. Decide not to push our luck,we headed in early
All this on a full moon.


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