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My buddy Jeff invited me to go fishing Sunday. He had just bought a house on a canal of the MR and wanted to learn the area a bit. We fished from about 7am till 1pm. It was so hot. The water was hot and a rain squall coming up the river ended our day, but the fishing wasn't that good anyway. Just a quick report on the areas we fished and the fish we caught.

We hit the south side of the 75 bridge first. I lost a small snook on 4"shadflash. There were tarpon rolling under the bridge, but couldn't connect. Jeff hooked and landed a small snook. We went further up river and found a shade line in a little bay on the north side of the river. Jeff had a couple of good pops on the big spook in bone, but didn't hook up. I lost a small snook on the spook jr.

We worked a long mangrove line near Redfish Point but had no luck

Went to my north side docks that have produced in the past. First cast under the last dock and I caught a small snook on the 4" sf. We kept working docks and Jeff landed a small snook also on a paddle tail. Proceeded on down and we were probing under a dock thoroughly. Nothing. Made one more cast to the T of the dock and it got crushed. Set the hook on a good fish that went ballistic. She went out and then back for the dock. Kept her away and she made a great jump. Circled the boat and Jeff got her in the net. She measured 28.5".

Down at the last dock now and I hooked and landed another small snook on the same lure. we went up to my trout spot but nobody home. Further up river now to the finger with the marina. Water temp was 91. We worked the island and no strikes. All the way to the back and then worked all the docks coming back. No strikes.

We went back to the bridge and Jeff had something break his line on a 4" paddle tail in rootbeer w/ chartreuse tail. The wind shifted and we could see the rain in the distance. We headed for the house. It was a decent day and is always fun to fish with Jeff on his great Ranger boat. Thanks Jeff! Look forward to doing it again some time, especially come fall, winter and spring. That is when the MR really pays off.
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  • TarpontineTarpontine Posts: 231 Deckhand
    Nice report Dave- good looking snook!
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,248 Officer
    Thanks Greg! She was a pretty snook.
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  • BarnakillerBarnakiller Posts: 90 Deckhand
    I bet you're doing better than most up there right now. That river turned so fresh after the storm a few weeks back, and hot! That snook is a beauty. I'm with you; I think summer is the least-productive time on the Manatee, especially with artificials. You made the most of it. I've been seeing some jacks in the river, which doesn't seem like much but this is the first I've seen them since the big winter freeze a few years back.
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