Sargus 4000 handle broken...please help!

tonyg71tonyg71 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
Hi Tony,

I am a long time Penn customer and I currently own a 440 SSG and a Sargus 4000. With my Sargus (which I love), the rubber handle on the crank arm separated several months ago and I took it to my local tackle shop which charged me $20 for a replacement handle assembly . Now, several months later, I was on a fishing trip in the Keys and during a hookup with a small yellowtail snapper the arm broke all the way off, as the screw end with the eye that holds the bar to the outer part of the crank opened up and bent all the way back! I have pictures of both the original and replacement handles that show what broke in each case, if you want them. I realize I can spend another $20 to get another handle, but doing so will mean that I've spent half the money I originally paid for the reel just 2 summers ago. Can you help?

Thanks so much, Tony!


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