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West End help needed

Osprey 25Osprey 25 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
Will be trailering the boat to launch at Lake Worth next week and have a few questions:

-Planning to keep the truck/trailer at Lake Park Marina, any other suggested locations?

-On my only previous trip to WE we bottom fished towards Memory w/ good success and was planning to try that again. From other threads it seems the tuna and wahoo chances are not good. What about dolphin? Where would our best shot be?

-would like to gets some bugs as they are in season. What area might be best to start looking (will be snorkeling)?

Any other suggestions for the area are appreciated.


  • 243cc243cc Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Traveled over to WE this past weekend... Weather/seas were perfect. It was our first time crossing, so we were not too prepared for bottom fishing/spots. Trolling unfortunately was very slow (that time of year?). No dolphin, but we did get some blackfin tuna. Good luck!

    We kept our truck/trailer at Lake Park Marina, and it was there when we returned! I couldn't find many other options when doing my research.
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Deckhand
    We crossed this weekend and stayed at Blue Marlin Cove for the first time, usually stay at OBB. BMC was fantastic super nice people , more of a homey feeling. Bottom fishing was great on the ledge off memory , bring lots of chum. Spearfishing and lobstering was awesome as well, between memory and whitesands. As for dolphin we couldnt keep them off the line having to release several gaffers over 10#'s( 20 miles sw of west end). YF tuna not so great only managed one.
  • Osprey 25Osprey 25 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Very helpful guys. Thanks.
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