Angry goat

fishbitfishbit Posts: 605 Officer
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,828 Moderator
    I hate it when that happens.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • sp00n-sp00n- Posts: 101 Deckhand
    Thanks for making me laugh! :rotflmao
  • PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,406 AG
    awesome! lololol
  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Posts: 18,669 Admin
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  • PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,406 AG
    GT is gonna cry
  • HiHHiH Posts: 407 Deckhand
    :fishing The longer I'm Single, The more I get to fish!! :fishing
  • BnTBnT Posts: 6,644 Admiral
    that was hilarious
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    Sharky is always clocky, bnt is sometimes sharky,
    sharky is sometimes bnt, but bnt is never clocky
  • rock_fishrock_fish Posts: 11,692 AG
    Dude has some serious yams lol
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,337 Admiral
    That's funny as crap.....almost looks as though he's wanting to play....I used to raise goats and had a big billy like that that always wanted to play king of the hill, and he'd butt ya if you weren't looking.

    Had a buddy that let a couple of billy's roam free around his hog pen, and one would butt him all the time, soon as he turned his back on time the billy caught him off guard and the billy broke his leg....:hairraiser.....needless to say...that one wound up on the BBQ.

    Looks like one of those BOER Goats....big suckers bred strictly for their meat, big bodied big shouldered. Most of them are white with a red face, but there are plenty that come out brown, or mottled. They bring a high dollar on the market...or at least they did, don't know about lately.

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