Heat Wave Headed For Boston


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    I'll be there Sunday. Not quite as bad but still 83! :hairraiser
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    also ****!!!
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    That dude really bothers me! BTW, it was 32*C/89*F here this winter! Love to see those yankees here in August with temps in the 90's and humidity to match. I watch them melt. I used to work with a NY native. The heat was killing him. I said I thought you NYer's were the toughest guys on the planet and you are struggling with this? He just called me an a hole. LOL
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    Drink lots of water
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    This thread

    Needs to be sticky
    :BUNNY gestapo

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    He is better than the weatherman (used loosely) on local 6 in Orlando.
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    Anyone know when this heat wave will be in Boston, Massachusetts?
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    wizfisher wrote: »
    Anyone know when this heat wave will be in Boston, Massachusetts?

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    It was a varoooom! It shook the pine needles off the trees. She broke and ran.
    "Daddy, you stink!"
    She's my best buddy to this day! You never know how these things will work out!
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    The Heat Wave is headed to Indy. Game 6 baby!
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    Flying in June 7th...I hope its cooled down some.
    I hate the heat
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