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Did tankard get ripped off?

tankardtankard Posts: 7,031 Admiral
So this morning as I'm getting ready for work there's a knock at the door and it's the same older black guy who's been wanting to buy my beater van for a while.

Well, today I finally said WTH I want the **** thing out of my carport and we agreed on a price of 500 bucks.

He's got 400 cash, I take the tag off and let him drive it away, and he says he'll be back at my casa at noon to pay the rest and get the title.

He didn't show, and I still have the title. Even if I don't get the other 100 bucks, I'm pretty happy to get something for it without having to do any work.

Y'all think he'll stop by at some point with the money to get the title? Or can he scrap it without a title?

Either way I don't really care, it will just be an interesting case study.


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