Flamingo 25MAY13!



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    I've only logged two trips, but given the limited data, on days with little animal activity it was a very subpar day. However, I'm not discounting the tournament at all. I'm glad to have been invited and definitely want to participate. Please don't mistake my sharing what I've noticed with disinterest or superior knowledge or arrogance.

    I intend on pre-fishing some new areas in the next 2-3 weeks for sure. Thanks for your input.

    Its not totally about the tournament and where you place, its about the friends you will make and what you will gain from them.

    Take this Captain Backyard guy for example, he comes on here makes smart a$$ remarks, acts like a know it all, brags how good he is, how many rods he has won over the years. Most importantly he doesn't get upset that we tease him and tell him his elementary school students are all taller than him.
    Reality is, he is a very nice guy that is fun to hang out with and will go out of his way to help you. Wait...I take that back, he doesn't share spots or lures. You have a bullseye on your back Backyard! :machinegun
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    Ahhh thanks.....I think?:huh

    Keep signing them up Nick, I need the money this summer!:rotflmao
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    LOL, thanks for the encouragement fellas. And UrbanAngler, did you mean near the ramp in North Biscayne? We normally drop at Watson Island.
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    UrbanAngler, did you mean near the ramp in North Biscayne? We normally drop at Watson Island.

    He did.
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    He did.

    If I get my engine in time I'm in
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