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We're going to fly in to Portland sept 9,rent a car, have a week to gorge on seafood,sea the Maine coast and hopefully sightfish for stripers a couple days. Will appreciate any helpful info on places to go, guides, dining, etc. THX, kbkeys


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    above guide is highly recommended. also check out: popham beach, morse mountain (entrance to beach/river fishing for stripers).

    as far as dining, J's Oyster is a great local seafood spot in Portland.

    if you want to come inland and fish for brookies & landlocked salmon, that can be a great time of year for it. send me an email if you want more freshwater info. [email protected]

    Portland, ME
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    Did the Atlantic Salmon disappear from the Penobscot River (Bangor)??? They were going great guns a long time ago now, but then suddenly the numbers started to drop. Just wondered what a more recent assessment might be.

    I also did not know that there was any sight fishing for bass in Maine.....but the water is clear enough, so.....Usually, people think of Cape Cod when sight fishing for stripers is mentioned. There the water is clear and shallow, with a more or less sandy bottom in most places. Maybe you will be chasing schools of bass on the surface, but in a little deeper water. That's a lot of fun too.

    On my first drive up to Bangor on Rte 95, I would stop at each and every little stream that passed under the road, and fish for brook trout. What a blast! There are literally hundreds of these streams and none are too small to hold trout. I have taken 13 inch fish out of streams that I could straddle...and I am by no means a big person.
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    Yeah, Permit. They pretty much disappeared. Even if they hadn't, fishing wouldn't be all that good there now anyhow since the Bangor Hydro dam crumbled quite a while back, and the salmon pool is no longer there.

    During that stretch when the fishing was hot and the **** only partly down, a fishing buddy of mine, a teacher at Bangor High, caught 4 before school one morning. He caught a whole lot of salmon there, but now only fishes the Matane, Matapedia and Miramachi.

    He says he will finally be coming down here Spring of 2014 to tarpon fish. It will be good, particularly since he's the only one of my northern friends who really handles a rod well. The rest I can only take out at night, as none can cast heavy lines well enough. It will be nice going out in the day again.:grin

    The brooks are closed to fishing by Sept., so don't plan on fishing them. Brookies spawn in the fall, and tromping through brooks then is not good for the fishery.

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    What happened to my thread?
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    Thanks Brody, appreciate your help, kbkeys
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    You too rat. Thx
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