Kelley Fleet Fishing Daytime Fishing Report

The fishing out of Haulover has been better than good lately. The Kingfish are coming through and gaffer Dolphin have been a common sight on the dock. We have been catching our share of Blackfin Tuna but not as many as I would like to see. For our driftboats, the afternoons have been the better bet if you want to catch fish. I have seen most of our Kingfish caught on Kingfish jigs and ballyhoo while my vertical jiggers have had to hit the bank due to cut-offs. The whip jig bite has died down so those are staying in the box. The bottom has been alive with small Mutton Snapper and Red Grouper and of course, Triggerfish. So if you want to fish bottom be prepared to get picked apart. All in all the fishing has been great. So all you have to do is get out there and put your time in.

Saturday was great day to be on the water. Not because of the weather because it was a bit rough. But for the fishing, it has been great. Let me begin with the catch of the day aboard the Atlantis with Capt. Jamie. One of the regulars Bravid showed up early in the morning with one thing in mind, a big grouper. Arriving with his custom made meat stick of a rod and a Penn senator 6/0 loaded with 130 lb braid, a 130 lb mono wind-on, a 150 lb leader and a monster circle hook to match he was ready to go. Leaving the dock at 9:00 am they took a short ride and stopped over the...... "spot" ...... and down went a whole bonito. The bait must have landed in this fishes mouth because it didn't take but two seconds and he was bellied up to the rail with his rod bent in half, a huge vein sticking out of his head, and the sound of struggle coming out of his mouth. This was a big fish and everyone knew it. No Googan here. He had a locked down drag and began to work this fish off the bottom which was surely not an easy task. This fish was a definite test of will and after about a ten minute battle "mano y mano", you see a monster coming up to the surface. The mate Mike stuck the fish and quickly found out that he needed a second gaff. So Capt. Jamie came to the rescue and in short time this fish was in the boat. With a swift celebratory football kick the the head of this beast, Bravid got what he was looking for. In the boat was a monster 60 lb Warsaw Grouper. A great catch from the man who pulled out a 51 lb and a 35 lb gag at the end of grouper season this past year. He now has another trophy catch that many dream of, added to his list of trophy fish. Congrats Bravid! KEEP!... CATCHIN EM UP!

Saturday also brought joy to my heart with one of my best catches ever on a rod that I made two days earlier. Which makes it even that much better. Fishing aboard the Mucko K Saturday afternoon with Capt. Bobby and I, were a great group of customers who had no problem filling up our cooler. Leaving the dock at 1:45 p.m. we headed out of Haulover and went a bit north. On our first drift we had two cutoffs and landed one Kingfish around 10 lbs. We had our normal couple of Triggerfish and a Bonito then headed off for our second drift, nothing. Third drift, magic. We started off with two nice Kingfish, 12 and 15. A few minutes later we get another Kingfish about 8 lbs. Then I notice a big Mahi Mahi swimming through our lines. I tell a customer next to me to reel in a bit of line to get the bait near the fish and WHAM, he's on to a beautiful cow. The fish takes him up to the bow of the boat and is going crazy, I run to go get the gaff and pick up my newly made rod matched with a TLD 20. I have a Kingfish jig and ballyhoo rigged up and set it down on the bow in case she brought a friend. She gets close and sure enough, a huge bull is right by her side. I wait till he gets in range and cast my bait about three feet in front of him. I felt like Jimmy Houston pitching my bait to a bass. With two twitches of the rod he turned and inhaled the jig. I'm on. He was so close to the cow that when I set up on him he turned, jumped and went right over the top of my customers line. I followed the fish, high-fived my customer and we were doubled up. About two min later, as his fish came to the boat, I traded Capt. Bobby my rod for the gaff and put the fish in the boat, a 22 lb cow (Customers come first). Bobby and I traded back and I was in for a long ride. This fish was going crazy and took me up and down the boat about three times. About half way into the fight I see another Mahi Mahi following him around lit up like you wouldn't believe. It is an amazing sight to see when those Mahi Mahi are illuminating those greens, yellows, and especially those blues in the crystal clear waters off Miami. So I tell one of my customers Steve, to get a rod ready with a ballyhoo plug for when this fish comes up. The fish slowly comes closer and closer to the boat and luckily still has his girl behind him. I tell him to cast when she gets in range and boom, he's on. About a minute later I switch with Capt. Bobby for the gaff and get my fish in the boat. My personal best, a 37 lb bull. One of my most fulfilling fishing moments ever. Seeing the fish, casting to the fish, fighting the fish, then gaffing the fish, and doing it all on my first custom rod made two days earlier I couldn't ask for more. The other fish took Steve to the back of the boat and in short time, she was also in the box. The two cows were a matching pair and after about 45 min of excitement, the trip was over. So for a half day trip we ended up with four nice Kingfish, three quality Mahi Mahi, a few Triggerfish, a nice Porgy and a couple of Bonitos. All in all....... a GREAT four hours of fishing.

Bravid and I with Our Catch
60 LB Warsaw Grouper and 37 LB Mahi Mahi

The name of this picture is "Third Drift"
Steve is in the middle and I am on the right

This is "Chip" my buddy

Alex Perez
First Mate aboard the "Mucho K"
Kelley Fishing Fleet


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