New to the St. Augustine Area and I need some Info.

I recently moved to St. Augustine in attempt to get my doctorate degree in physical therapy from USA and I know nothing about the fishing life in St. Augustine. I don't have a boat, and therefore will be doing a lot of bank fishing. I won't have much time to fish but when I do have the chance I will whenever I can. Can anyone tell me where there are some good local freshwater fishing spots where I can bank fish for bass, perch, etc.? It would be greatly appreciated for fishing info in general, salt water included, but for right now mostly freshwater since I only have my freshwater rig and tackle box currently. Thanks in advance.


  • ER Doc 7ER Doc 7 Posts: 153 Officer
    I don't know the specific area you have moved to well, but if I were you I would hit up every local bait and tackle store and ask them for places. They can usually get you started with some places.
  • Uncle SteveUncle Steve Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Any of the subdivision or apartment retention ponds will have bass in them. Topwater lures in the morning and evening, rubber worms any time. DON'T eat anything out of those ponds though. That water is dirty.
    You can't catch fish if you don't go fishing.
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