Miamimuttonman Report 5/23/thru 5/25

Mutton fishing has been slow lately, lack of current and in one trip we lost the anchor after anchoring on the spot marking fish because the knot came loose after attaching a longer rope to reach the bottom.the current was perfect so with 100 feet of rope left we saved the day in 55 feet out of key largo. Then in the other trips out of miami we did pretty well are the pics key largo- IMG_0793_zps0f2ba194.jpg[/UR.:fishingURL=]IMG_0820_zps84bfd8de.jpg Miami URL= Uploads/IMG_0807_zps0db0987f.jpg.html]IMG_0807_zps0db0987f.jpg[/URL]MG][/URL]IMG_0803_zpsfaeaabc9.jpgURL= Uploads/IMG_0802_zps9f3ad098.jpg.html]IMG_0802_zps9f3ad098.jpg[/URL]IMG][/URL]URL= Uploads/IMG_0822_zps50c7c7db.jpg.html]IMG_0822_zps50c7c7db.jpg[/URL]URL= Uploads/IMG_0824_zpsc86f4c00.png.html]IMG_0824_zpsc86f4c00.png[/URL]


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