5/25/2013 offshore red fish pass,full moon,stiff wind,building seas.

Plans were made to fish on Sat with son Craig and daughter in law Donna..As we were leaving the pass you could tell it was going to get rough farther off shore..Made it to some 11 mile numbers took some effort to anchor near the spot and tough to keep your balance on the deck current was running opposite wave action..
Picked up some nice size shrimp at Old Pine Island Marina. Donna had the hot hand on Lane snapper the entire day. I Bought chum but decided not to use it with the bite we were getting I just felt the reds were not going to feed,because of the full moon and the chum would call in the sharks.
Well they came any way hammerhead hooked first then 6 to 8ft nurse, spinner and another were brought to the boat. Then two more that tried to break our rods,thank goodness lines were broken instead.
Fun trip plenty of fish to clean for a number of fish fries.

Did not see another boat out or back,seas did better for the run in, not great but better.
Hope you all enjoy the holiday with family and friends.
And Thanks For Those Who Gave So Much To Insure Our Freedom.:USA


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