Scott Fly rods contact

Icatcher22Icatcher22 Posts: 320 Deckhand
Posted this in general fishing but maybe you guys might be able to help...

Anyone have a contact over there?


  • idlerickidlerick Posts: 229 Deckhand
    Good folks down there in Montrose, but ...
    Scott covers the original owner only - sorry. Warranty form must be sent in right away as I recall, and not kept until the orig owner re-sells the rod. So even if you bought it as-new with an old warranty card, their warranty doesn't cover you. Try them, tho. 970-249-3180. Good luck!
  • kbkeyskbkeys Posts: 691 Officer
    Their site states a $50 fee will get your rod repaired...check it out
  • idlerickidlerick Posts: 229 Deckhand
    I believe the $50 is the cost to repair just the "Warrantied Rods". Like the Loomis Expeditor service.
    Best to call them.
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