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What do you think would be the best artificials for the Destin area. If you wanted to have a good all around variety for most species you could encounter which would you bring?? It's impossible to bring every color of every lure on the yak, so just trying to see what most people use as their "go to" lures.

Also, what do you think is the best live bait to bring?? Shrimp is common at the bait store, but it just depends on what their supplier brings them as far as fish are concerned. Do some fish work better than others?? Just curious to see what works best for everybody.


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    First question:

    Inshore or Offshore? Since you mention shrimp, I'm guessing inshore...
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    Inshore- Gold Spoon, Chartreuse &/or White Bucktail, DOA Shrimp...
    Offshore- Squid pieces on small hooks to catch bait & then drop 'em back down on big hooks...
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    Offshore mainly, but can hit the bay if it's to rough. Just seems shrimp are more common for the store to sell consistently.
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    -3" Gulp shrimp in New penny on a 1/8 or 1/4 red jighead

    -Red/white "flair hawk" bucktail jig.

    -Mirrolure Mirrodine, Black back w/ silver belly.


    -3.5 oz vertical jig (williamson, shimano, VICTORY LURES) in various colors. I like the natural ones, the pinks and greens also.
    -Rapala X-rap magnum 15 in silver mullet
    -Red head/silver body Gotcha plug for a pitch bait.
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    Thanks for the info, I should be pretty well set. Don't have an X-Rap. Might have to give that a try
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