Air Conditioner / Heate Unit For Sale Best Offer - All in One Unit for Central Air

WildLinesWildLines Posts: 551 Officer
I have a 2 yr old AC unit that I took off a Mobile home 2 years ago.

It is a Goodman 13 seer. it is an ALL IN Packaged Unit that was designed for a Mobile Home or a structure needing the handler and compressor together outside. In a nut shell the compressor and air handler are one unit that sits outside and feeds to your duct work. Be great for a small home, mobile home, hunting trailer, garage being converted into a room, or somone wanting to put AC/Heat into a small shop.

When I took the unit out it worked perfectly. It has the freon and would only need a thermostat. I have been storing it for my BIL that was garage and turn it into a game room. His wife officially squashed those plans and I need to get this out of my warehouse by end of the month.

Someone make me a cash offer, as is, where is, and must get it by month end. Located in jax beach.

send me an email and I will forward pictures,

cline.chad at outlook dot com

Some one come get this AC, you can make a steal!
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