18' aluminum outriggers for sale (non collapsible)

TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
these came with the boat, and im actually pretty sure I even have a nice canvas cover for them somewhere (will be included with sale if i find it, and wont if I dont)...and have been in the attic since ive owned the boat as I dont really have much use for them.

anywhoo, they are the straight style mount...also have all the rigging as well (double clips on each one)...although if it were me id probably replace the lines before use, but the hardware all seems just fine. 1 1/2 thick at base

will post pics when they get uploaded from my phone.

located in jax


  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    bump price discount to $250
  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    found the blue canvas cover/carrying case for these...included with sale price
  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    $250...come get these things before girlfriend.com makes me stuff them back in the attic
  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    clearly i was way off on pricing.

    $200 takes them.

    if I have to go any lower, im going to cut them up and use them for a project!
  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    bump, want them gone.

    $100 if you get them this week...as ive been told, even the 4 quick release clips alone are worth 2x that price.
  • ShelShel Posts: 1,061 Officer
    That's a hell of a price for those outriggers. I'd buy them in a heartbeat if I hadn't just got a new pair of Lee's two years ago. Have you tried listing them on The Hull Thruth, might go quick on there.
  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
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