Peacock spots in the South Florida?

Hey all, going to South Florida this weekend for my little bro's HS graduation. I want to target Peacock Bass while down there. I personally have never caught one but my brother has but he is no expert on them. We are in Broward but would not mind driving to Dade or Palm Beach. We would be going over the weekend.

We have two kayaks that we can use.

What lures and retrieves work best for them? I have most Largemouth tackle styles.

My bro even has two fly rods. Neither of us are very skilled in them and they are not super nice but I think they are 6wt.

I hear the lakes and canals just south of the Miami Airport hold them but I am not sure how packed it is on the weekend.

Thank you for the help.


  • Swamp ZombieSwamp Zombie Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Yeah- I'd suggest you hit the Miami Airport lakes and canals. Use Shallow diving Cranks and 6" Senko/Stick type baits. Bring 2 rods - one rigged with 15LB Fluorocarbon and one with 6/20 Power Pro. If you don't get any hits, try the Fluro- (Fluro has the same refractive index as water making it invisible under water)- there is considerable fishing pressure around that area. (You could also use a Fluro leader)

    Cranks??- Manns 1- (Baby and medium size), BPS Egg 3/4 OZ, River 2 Sea Cha Cha, Lucky Craft 1.5-2.5, Rapala Husky Jerk, Rattle Trap (or Cordell Spot), Aruku Shad, Etc. Spro Frogs can also be used to some success. Color's?? Bone, Fire Tiger, Chartreuse Shad, Shiner, Hot Mustard, Etc. Bright color's can work and realistic shiner patterns work. BUT, a (true) Bone colored lure can be devastating....

    Soft Plastic's?? Wacky Rigged 6" Senko, (or any Stick bait). Color's Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse, Chartreuse/yellow swirl, White/black fleck, any "laminates" OJ/Green, Black Blue, Etc.

    Hope this helps ya? If you need to find out what a Bone colored lure looks like go to my web page and check out the "Bone Bream" 1.5-
  • Bostonallen1Bostonallen1 Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    C11 Canal on griffin road near 75 has plenty. Live bait is the easiest. Good luck
  • PeacockFeverPeacockFever Posts: 227 Officer
    I personally would avoid the chaos around the airport lakes for now, I fish for peacocks all the time here in broward on both fly tackle and baitcasting tackle and catch thousands of them, griffin canal system is very good though, I would be down to fish sometime and show you some stuff
    There's no such thing as too much bait!
  • Bostonallen1Bostonallen1 Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Hey fever ill trade spots if ya got sum good ones or hook up with for a peacock throw down
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