53 lb Mahi, 48 lb Gag grouper on the "Another Tangle" - 05/18/2013

Video first. Story after.

Our Jacksonville Trout whisperer Jimmy Sharpe (jimmy06) took me offshore fishing with the ultra popular, world renowned, master angler Capt. Jerry Moulton (yes I say all those nice words so he would take me again...lol) and his team aboard Jerry's 29 foot contender "Another Tangle"! The crew of Jerry, Jimmy, Phil, Mike and Arun left very early morning Saturday to the Ledge.


Saw a school of football Blackfins jump at 125 foot water. Jerry and Phil moved lightning fast and set up a spread of 4 rods but couldn't get them to bite. Then we went and trolled the ledge. The bite was sporadic.
In the Box: 2 mahi mahi (20 lbs, 53lbs). The beast bit a 20" ladyfish that Jerry had rigged the previous night.
Released: 1 Bonita, 1 barracuda,

Bottom fishing:

Drifted the bottom at about 120 feet over a ledge. The bottom bite was unreal. Every one was hooking up every drift. Many lost monsters. We only fished the bottom for about and hour and a half. Phil put a 48 lb gag grouper on the boat!! Some mahi where hooked on light tackle when hey came to check us out while bottom bumping.
In the box: 5 mahi, 6 scamp grouper, few gag groupers, 5 porgies.
Released: Lesser and greater Amber jacks, a beautiful looking grouper (someone help me out on the name), red snapper.

We left at 2.30 pm as the fish box was already full and we anticipated some possible engine trouble.


That was my second offshore trip and I felt like I was in a dream. That water was cobalt blue!! I would never forget this trip in my life. The mahi mahi jumping and tail walking in the air was a beautiful sight to see. We also saw a 15 foot hammerhead shark cruise by us that scared the living daylights out of me. Boy, pulling those groupers up is like pulling a baby elephant from 120 foot water. These offshore monsters definitely whooped me! Thanks very much to Jimmy, Jerry and his crew for having me aboard the "Another Tangle". It was a dream come true! It was a great experience watching Jerry setup the spread for the troll. He is fast!!




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