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Anyone doing anything with permit yet? Hit a couple spots last week and got one run but it didn't hook up. Would like to get a couple of those next week.

Tight Lines
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  • ThePigskinCaptainThePigskinCaptain Posts: 390 Officer
    Caught 2 smallish (7 pound) permit off the radio tower by the ARC barge about 12 days ago. We were there right at sunrise and it was slick calm. One on a free lined shrimp the other on a free lined crab, we were sight casting as they were on the surface as the sun was coming up.
  • FinsfanFinsfan Posts: 604 Officer
    Talked to some guys at Master Bait said they were slaying them with artificials at new pass.
  • ScottKScottK Posts: 214 Officer
    Give Lane a call, he has the permit hotspot.
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