Peacock action miami fl on fly!!!!!!!

Couple of little peacock bass on friday afternoon,and amazing action on saturday early morning on fly!!!!Got up today at 6 am and all i had in mind was peacock bass so i fixed some coffee and my fly rod and went to one of my spots for peacock, walking distance from my house. For two hours i was my fly was strike chase and caught this nice looking peacock.. The peacock were on fired today!!!! I'm glad i woke up this early today. sorry for some of the quality of the photos, self portrait with a fly rod in your mouth a peacock in one hand and crappy phone camera in other its always a challenge hehehe.


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    :thumbsup nice!
    Let's go fishing!
  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Deckhand
    SWEET!!!:fishing what kinda of fly setup is that looks nice?
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    Timba wrote: »
    SWEET!!!:fishing what kinda of fly setup is that looks nice?

    Thanks... its nothing fancy just a 5 weight redington two piece fly rod combo i bought a couple of years ago in a little town call Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania. cost about 130 140$..... wanted to start fly fishing so i bought the cheapest but most decent thing i could afford to see if i really enjoy it. and as you can see yes i do!! im saving for a nicer one so i can do some saltwater fishing. but so far this little setup has work with no problem. Caught my biggest peacock on fly sunday looks a bit small then what it is im just a big guy (6'4' 285 lbs) so every fish looks small hahahaha. but the fly handle perfectly. cant wait to try a more advance fly rod.
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