Offshore SI

Dirty water! Stated out at bethal trolling with nothing to show for it. then headed up to the 90' bar drifting the NE current 1.5 knots live ballyhoo on the flat line got nailed but ended up pulling the hook. It seemed like it was a good size king but who knows.. We then anchored up on one of the county sites and got some nice hits at first but the hook couldn't find the sweet spot, then I finally was able to berry my hook into one of the biggest mangos Iv caught so I guess I could say its my personal best. Black sea bass are everywhere and of good size we didnt catch any under 12''. I was unsure of the season dates State vs Federal so they were all released. We were using pogy chunks. Water was green/dirty everywhere we went. There was a huge pollen slick in 50-60' ish it just looked nasty! There was a boat to the north heading south that looked like he was trolling alongside of it. It didn't look very fishy to me tho. The original plan was to go to SLI but we were set back on time due to trailer barring problems so we just went out of SI.


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