some action packed days with variety

the past 2 weeks yet again has not disappointed as the freshwater action continues to be amazing!! almost every day I have fished I have caught a freshwater slam with a couple of grand slams thrown in too. I have fished all over west broward with incredible results at practically every location, here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks!
caught these 3 at one of my favorite locations to complete the freshwater slam for the day

the cichlid was nice and chunky and devoured an x-rap I was tossing, at another very reliable spot of mine I completed the slam

big spotted tilapia!

finally after several days straight of working I headed out earlier this week to a very good peacock spot of mine and was instantly rewarded with this very bright and colorful 2lber!

after catching that fish I finally saw what I have been wanting to see, a big boy just cruising around, after several casts of the x-rap big boy finally devoured it and landed this 4lb brute!

another shot of the 4lber which was caught on 6lb test, nearly broke me off when it ran down a trench but it did what I wanted it to do, it came up to jump in an attempt to free itself but it spent its last energy like that and I landed her, after these 2 quick photos she was revived and successfully released!! enjoy!
There's no such thing as too much bait!


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